I got an e-mail today that said I forgot to take one of my Dell certifications for my new position. Not only is that troubling but when I submitted the completed test information, I forgot to put the right date and used the 3rd instead of the 4th. What a cluster.

The computer work has been really sparse for me but when I get some work it usually leads to a few jobs before going dead quiet again. Today I got into a Gateway/E-Machine to troubleshoot a hard drive issue. While in the case you could see that the capacitors on the processor side were bloated and that signals future demise. I blew out the dusty heatsinks and the power supply but it’s bound to up and die in the future sometime.

So, sitting on the couch watching Torchwood episodes and I get a call from a past client. Apparently their wireless keyboard quit working about a month ago and then now her printer is not working. I asked what she was using for a keyboard in the meantime and evidently the on-screen keyboard has been suitable enough for her. I don’t think I could go that long with just the on-screen keyboard unless it was a tablet system.

Yes, been watching Torchwood because of it’s relation to Doctor Who and I really like it. The scenes with the men kissing each other doesn’t even put me off and it’s really kind of refreshing against all of the “politically correct” trends that exist in our “free” country of America. Yep, you couldn’t get that on basic TV here and even if you could, it wouldn’t be good television.

On another note I want to point out that I’m spoiled a little bit by my best friend. If I were on my own completely I would be in my house right now huddled under the covers wondering when I will find a job. Instead I have a place to hang out and I get some impressive trinkets to play with. We help each other in so many ways that my other friends that know us think there is more to the relationship. There isn’t. Friends forever. And so while I end this I’m going to think about what to do with my new Waterman Blue Marble Laquer Fountain Pen.

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