Mad World

The weekend has proved to be less eventful than I thought it might be. I now sit in my temporary space contemplating my future and my present. My recent dreams had people and issues that I am thinking about including the ghost of a friend that has passed. It doesn’t help to have the dreams and subsequently I feel that when I look back on everything I will have two major down points: How much time I wasted doing nothing. (and) How much time I wasted by being on Facebook.

Right now I’m repeatedly listening to “Mad World” by Michael Andrews and featuring Gary Jules. It’s a song that isn’t the happiest but it allows me to think about stuff without distraction and that in turn keeps me productive oddly enough.

One thing that keeps coming up when I think about my medical issues is that there aren’t any cures, just treatments. There is only limited profit in curing something so why actually cure and wipe out a problems when you can make so much more money treating people indefinitely. It’s a thought, just a thought.

Anyway, just a short blurb for the morning. I’m going to take another nap and then see where I can go from here.

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