Doing it Wrong

So far there is no one representing my interests for the federal government. The one person that could do the job doesn’t have enough pull to make things happen and the man at the top isn’t holding up to his own goals. Frankly, the whole system is so shoddy that it needs a major overhaul but there isn’t a soul up there to make it happen.

Find me anyone in the United States that can purposely spend money they don’t have and not worry about getting in trouble. The only group that appears to be immune to this criminal act is upper government because I see it all the time where state and federal governments are broke and yet they continue to shell out more cash. Just yesterday both republicans and democrats agreed to spend more money to “save” the country but in reality they’ve doomed the country and in the end the republicans will turn and say it was the democratic party’s fault to begin with. It’s always been a blame game and it really needs to stop.

I’m no politician nor am I an economist but I do understand business and our governments should be run like efficient businesses but instead they’re being run like casinos except the employees are stealing from the coffers. Who’s idea was it to allow the influence of lobbyists to command the direction of votes over the requests of the people? How come the act of fillibusters hasn’t been done away with? Why do these officials get the right to add in personal laws into important bills? Why don’t more people care?

I’d love to run for president of this country and get elected because I would really try to change things and I wouldn’t care if it pissed people off because there are too many whiny-ass pansies in our country that can’t be satisfied. Sure, it would take a few years to get it taken care of but the major goals would be to make sure the country supplies the government with the proper amount of operating capital with a fair and equal tax system, individual states would be responsible for funding education and healthcare among other things, and any department that over-spends their budget will get not only reprimanded but also will have to make a public apology on-air during a primetime hit show so the people will REALLY be pissed off at them.

My federal government will provide oversight for the states and set standards they need to meet for education, healthcare, and etc.; provide military support for the country; and manage foriegn relations that include trade that encourages more businesses to make products in the 50 states, maintain diplomatic ties with other nations, and reduce the amount of aide given to foriegn nations with the eventual goal that they begin repaying their debts.

Of course I would do a few other special things that would not only surprise everyone but would also shut up more of those that keep crying wolf. I would tell the governments of Isreal and Palestine that either they stop fighting or we will occupy both states with thousands of troops and if that doesn’t help we will simply cut ties and let them have at it and ignore them no matter what happens. I would have an entire press junket get on Airforce One with me and land it at Dreamland for a full live tour of the base. And I would not only pump a whole new line of money into manned space exploration but make sure i was the first U.S. president on the space station. (My fear of heights will have to be ignored.)

So there, I can’t fix things but I can dream it. It won’t happen unless I try so if you think you could support this crazy plan, let me know.

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