Setting up the Pins

I saw an interesting graphic the other day that was just a basic triangle and on each point was a word. The words were “Legal”, “Enjoyable”, and “Profitable” all representing points of every job known to exist but the catch was out of the three points, you could only pick two.

So I’m having a dilemma that involves getting a new job and one fits “Legal & Enjoyable” and the other fits “Legal & Profitable” which means that the work out there that is “Enjoyable & Profitable” can’t be legal. That really sucks.

Hope isn’t lost though because I think I’m going to take the profitable one because there is some enjoyable work but it’s a day shift and I’m not completely prepared for that monster but I will deal with it just as I have dealt with every other roadblock. I really need to get a number of bills paid and that is a bunch of stress I could do without any day.

In any case I have to wait. The weekend will need to pass and then I’ll know if I am being offered either job and then I’ll make that tough decision. Either way it will be nice doing something in my line of work again and maybe this time I won’t have any medical issues to surprise me.

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