There was a phone call from the company that is reviewing my disability claim through Citibank and the representative said that they are denying the appeal to the claim and will send out a letter with the exact explanation. She was really surprised because I didn’t get irate and voice any disgust with her or her company and I explained to her that I’ve dealt with so much disappointment with my life that this is not something to get upset about. But inside I was upset and even though I knew it was going to come to this, I was still disappointed with the result.

Last night I got some money for doing some computer work at a local business and today I could not cash it because the bank I am at now didn’t trust the bank the check was written from and so I have to wait a couple days before I can use the money I earned.

Also, I was helping out a friend after doing the computer work and I ended up impaling one of my fingers on a large metal staple. I screamed “FUCK!” and my friend thought for sure I had lopped off a finger but it was only a stab wound but nonetheless there was blood a streaming. After a band-aid and some time to relax I was alright but now I can’t do the dishes until the wound has healed a little more.

So what does it all mean? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I go on as I have gone on before and flex with the changes and conform to the new situation. I’m going to try and get a good paying job and hope my health matters don’t screw it up. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the lovely weather and step forward.

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