Where the Passion Glows

Recently I commented on a posting in Facebook on the recent homosexual suicide reports in that “Natural Selection is not pretty”. Needless to say I got negative feedback on that one as others felt that it’s not “natural” and really not part of “natural selection”. Turns out, like always, I do my fact checking before I go blabbing most of the time and from a number of studies I’m right in my initial message that suicide is part of natural selection but when I posted a link to the supporting information, there was silence and no apologies.

I run into this a lot wether it be some current event, a driver on the road, or a comment on a website. Most people don’t take the time to sit down and really reasearch the stuff they want to discuss and end up giving out wrong information. When some idiot like myself comes along and points out the error, it’s usually a good verbal lashing from several people I have to endure because the truth usually doesn’t feel right. This is especially true if the truth crosses a religious path.

There are a lot of things that I see online or in person that make me cringe and I try so very hard not to escalate the matter. People think I don’t drive correctly on the road but to show me wrong they will tailgate me or try to run me off the road when legally I’m not doing anything wrong. Others will run off degrading speech about sexual preferences or race despite their earlier saintly remarks about how their deity says to “forgive others”.  If people would just take the time to look deeper into the facts, they wouldn’t have to be so damnd defensive about everything.

I can’t stand politics anymore as both sides feel they are right so both sides are wrong and nothing gets looked at objectively. Sports are meaningless to me so I completely ignore what is usually said there. Technology is usually my forte but so much of it now is on devices I don’t use, like smartphones, that I’ll let the uber-geeks rage on about that subject. I know marginal information about cars and trucks and less about the ratios and power ratings they use. Religion is a hot bed topic and I probably know more about Christianity than most Christians I know but all in all, no matter what the subject, if there is something to be discussed I will try to look into the facts behind it before saying something.

The opinions I express are in no way intended to change your mind, just to make sure you see both sides of the cookie. Also, if you cannot prove with documentation your side or view on any subject then I cannot take you seriously. There are some minor exceptions to these rules but at this time I am not in a situation where I can see that they would apply. Lastly, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m saying I’m right on everything I look into. Discussions can certainly show my view as being wrong but again without something to back that veiw up, those discussions are simply smoke.

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