The White Destroys the Black

Being sick is never an enjoyable experience but my head cold this time has created an interesting situation for me. Since I’ve been trying to put more of my time into sleeping and waiting for my body to battle this bug, I’ve been neglecting some of my prescribed meds and the withdrawal of the anti-anxiety/depression medication causes me to have vivid yet strange dreams that in themselves are filled with fear and worry.

So right now, my subconscious is thinking about my pets, my parent’s farm, and how some of my friends are getting along. I will try to address those issues while I recover from this cold but also I’ve got to start taking the medication like I should be. In all respect I don’t think it’s a cold really but actually a reaction to working in a dusty environment when I helping out a local business. Only my sinuses and throat appear to be effected and of course then it’s all my fault for not wearing a proper mask.

I did manage to go vote for the mid-term election and of course it turned out like I thought it would. South Dakota is and has mostly been a republican state and not many times have democratic canidates slipped through an election. I vote democratic anyway because that’s my view but I know that here in South Dakota at least, my vote will count but unless there is a sudden loss of the elderly republicans my vote won’t get us to a win.

For now, this is all I have. I’m going to make some changes in my life or I’m going to stagnate here in my little room. I’ve tried this before with only moderate success but as time passes, some of my visions become clearer. We will see.

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