Cold Fire

My phone died on me today after working great for nearly five years straight. It started to reboot itself randomly last night so I took it apart and cleaned out the dust and hair that had made it’s way into the case then put it back together but nothing changed. I’ve since sent a message to the technical support staff to get some answers but they want me to call them … so I guess I’ll have to find a phone to call them from. It’s not much of an issue really but I’m sure losing the use of a phone to some people is like losing a pet from the way that I see them playing with it so often. Nope, I’ll be fine and enjoy the silence.

I’ve acquired a sore throat that apparently is trying to attack my ears as well. Trying to get rest and medicine treatment so my body can work on killing the bugs so you probably won’t see me out and about to keep from breathing in dust and smoke.

Had a checkup with my endocrinologist yesterday and it looks like I’ve lost some weight in the last four months. I have another appointment with my regular doctor next week so that will confirm wether or not there has been any significant change. Staying on a the same dosage of cabergoline as it’s keeping my prolactin down just a few points away from normal and we are increasing my daily intake of Vitamin D. Only bummer is that I have to restart my Testosterone shots because he feels my energy will go up but all the “normal” man crap like beard growth will come back and I really hate having to shave on a regular basis plus all the thoughts of sex really get in the way of other things I need to do.

I don’t know what’s happening with the disability applications other than MetLife is working on my appeal. I called them recently and all I was told is that their doctor is still reviewing the case. I’ve got another two weeks to go before they give an official response but if they need more time, they can put me off for another 45 days if need be. The federal claim is unknown because I haven’t found the right paper I need to call my contact there and now that my phone is dead, well, I’ll just have to wait and see.

The local paper published an article I wrote concerning the development of Montrose and so far I’ve gotten a few comments back stating it was a good article. I have plans for more articles but it just takes me a while to get my thoughts in order to do anything. My next stage includes interviewing the business owners in Montrose and giving insight as to what they provide for the community. Hopefully I can get that started soon but time will tell.

Well, I’m ready for another nap. Until next time, take care.

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