Assasination of A Thought

Well, I finally got done with my short term disability appeal for work and I plan on sending it out tomorrow via air mail so I can get the process going soon. Right now I don’t have much of a plan on what to do if the appeal fails but if it passes I’m a little confused on where I stand as well. You see, recently Citi sold off the entire department I work in to a couple other businesses and I don’t know how that affects me while out on leave or if it does at all. I could certainly apply for another position in the company since my position would more than likely be eliminated however, I really don’t know the details and I’m speculating at this time.

At least now I can get to work on some other projects that really need to get done including doing some pre-winter yard work, work on the tractor, get the car waxed, and start on a parts database for a friend of mine. I’ll find stuff to keep me busy while I try to pay some bills by doing odd jobs. Looks like I have to pull the rest of my 401(k) out in order to get any further but it was bound to happen and it’s not all bad since I’m in a better position now to be in more control of what little thoughts I have now.

My mind is really shot for the day but I wanted to type something up. I’m going to make supper and then watch a movie before taking a much needed nap. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to concentrate and get started on some of those tasks.

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