Metal Mayhem

I managed to get one outdoor project completed today. For most of the
summer I’ve been wanting to remove the deck from a lawn tractor I
acquired last year and since it was so nice and cool out, I finally was
able to pull it off. The deck is in need of some repair but I’m not
planning on using it unless I can convert it to a tow-mower as I wanted
the tractor to do other yard work stuff. Right now the tractor needs a
new throttle control and a some minor body repairs and then it will be
ready to go … well, I need to get the battery charged so it will start
and then I’ll be ready to go.

So, the plan is to eventually get some attachments like a de-thatcher,
rake, sprayer, and a wagon to help maintain the yard but I also want to
use it to help move some cut trees and plow the garden. Sometime I will
do some customization to the tractor itself because with the deck off,
there is a live pulley directly under the motor that is doing squat. I
really need to make a little cover for the pulley so it doesn’t wrap up
junk or pant legs into it until I can figure out what to do with it. I’m
thinking maybe a hydraulic pump for either a front or rear mounted snow
blower or some other useful thingy.

I guess the other reason I got it is because it’s the closest to a
go-kart I will ever get and I enjoy tooling around on it. Maybe if I get
it cleaned up more, I can use it in a local parade or a lawnmower event
but that’s a long ways off.  I could make it gaudy and paint wide
white-walls on the tires and put a curb-feeler on the front end but even
I think that is over the top for a lawn tractor.

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