Babbling Some More

I put in my application for Social Security Disability while I try to get my Short Term Disability figured out. Turns out the Short Term got denied because they did not receive all of the paperwork from my doctor but when I called the doctor’s office, they note that all of the original paperwork was sent in and then the Short Term Disability company sent them another form to fill out but since my doctor has gone on vacation for a month he can’t fill it out. So I wrote them and e-mail on their special secure form and I get a reply the next day that they cannot access my information. Then I called them today and the first person states that I’ll have to talk with the case manager but when I get to her I have to leave a message. The case manager called back when I was on another call and left a message on my voice mail stating that I need to send them all of the original forms that were already sent to them. I don’t have any minutes left on my phone and I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts together so maybe tomorrow I can call back in and try to get it settled.

I tried logging into my bank website to download my transaction history and it keeps telling me that it cannot verify my identity but I’m putting in the user name and password, what more does it want? A secret handshake? So, I have to go to another system to download the information and then transfer it on a thumb drive and I don’t feel it’s the best fix but I guess I don’t have much of a choice at this time. (They might have actually closed my accounts come to think of it.)

The printer I was using to print out documentation I need for the various things I’m trying to do won’t feed paper anymore and the damn thing doesn’t use standard screws. T-10 driver is needed and it has to be a regular driver and not a bit in a multi-driver because the hole isn’t large enough to accept anything else. I had another printer but it uses different ink cartridges so that plan was dropped. My last attempt at a temporary fix will be a third printer of a different manufacturer which I have everything for except it isn’t with me right now.

One thing that is going my way is that I finally fixed the connection in my car’s ignition switch to keep the Passlock system from engaging randomly. I’m still hoping I fixed it because when something is random you are never totally sure if it’s fixed or if it’s building a surprise that will get you at the most unlikely moment.

In another twist, I noticed one of my cats doing something to the side of my bed and on closer inspection I found that he was working away on a headless gopher. Turns out that Digbee caught it and killed it but once it was brought into the house, that was too much for me to stand. It’s now safely outside where the cats can’t retrieve it so hopefully that is the end of that story.

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