Sorting the Paper Pile

I’m sitting here looking at a pile of paperwork that I need to sort through. There is another pile in the room I stay in from time to time that also needs to be sorted, filed or mailed, and then I need to think about my next move. Right off the top I have three different applications to complete and a number of documents to copy and then get to offices in town and out to the mail. I’m at a new fork in the road and this time I’m going to take the expressway instead of the path less traveled.

As I work, I play. I’m going through the motions in Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook to let me think about what I’m doing and to give me a moment to break away. I’m pretty sure I could get more done without it but then again I think I would end up on the couch watching TV if I didn’t just take a few moments to play a couple quick games.

All in all I’ve hit my breaking point. On July 2nd everything finally came crashing down on me and now I have to resort to a number of things that will help me get back on my feet but I hate to do them. I filed my first round of paperwork for Social Security Disability and in the next few days I will be submitting more paperwork to the Department of Social Services in an effort to expedite the application process although it does state it can take at least 120 days to process. I’m also working on the slew of paperwork needed to erase my most of my debts. This is going to be a multi-step move that includes liquidating some assets and going to court but by no means will do I plan to jeopardize my local debts, those will be paid in full.

I’ve fought so hard to avoid this but I’m now forced to go this new route. I wanted so much to be able to do many things on my own and reach some personal and financial goals but now those dreams are further out on the horizon. I’m just glad I have so many friends to help me out and to help me through this time in my life. I should be fine with the stuff I have going on right now but if it gets any worse, I’ll tap some people for suggestions.

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