Scraping Out the Bloodied Mess

It’s not a pretty sight but every once in a while I have to clean out my brain and expose some of the ugly bits to people in close proximity. This is done not only to relieve me of some clutter but to also whatch people cringe. I’m sure a lot of people see some of the things and think that I’m a sick and twisted individual but then they would only be partially right. The way I see it is that a lot of bad and horrible things in life will accumulate in my mind as I set them off to the side for later because right now I have enough issues of my own creation to deal with and with that I usually take a care-free and happy view of life and when the dark stuff builds up and gets in the way, it’s time for cleaning.
Case in point is with Facebook. Facebook has lost it’s uniqueness with the millions of users and the standard formats and roll of comments. People have been crying foul over privacy settings but you should know full well that it is you that should be more carefull with the information that you list on any site. So, instead of joining the rant on privacy I took a right angle (maybe a left angle) and changed up my profile settings. Nothing in the personal details aside from my name has anything to do with me, even the relationship status for you blind romantics out there. Nope, the information has be swallowed and spit out and slowly everything will become anew.
In other news, I’ve got some of the documentation sorted out with my health conditions and I’ve come to some conclusions on what I can do. I have only one item yet to check on and then I think I’ll start making some changes in order to get myself on track or at least a muddy path. The item that needs clarification yet is my astigmatism in whether it can be improved upon or if it will only get worse and once I know where that stands, then I can finally move on. Right now it looks like I have two choices in order to get myself a little further ahead: A) File for Social Security Disability and see if I can do some part-time work as well, or 2) Find a job that is more hands-on and less in front of a computer screen because even typing on this blog or in Facebook is annoying my eyes as everything "glows" in double vision.
My immediate supervisor has told me that an "immediate fix" is required with these medical issues and when I told her that there wasn’t one she implied that the doctor better find one. Well, that pretty much sums up the "care for the employee wellfare" mantra at work. I know it’s a corporation and that’s how they work but I guess Gateway spoiled me some. That was the only corporation where the employees could e-mail the CEO of the company and the guy would personally write back. But in this case I’m left with my two choices unless I’m cured of all ills in the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime I’m trying to finish some projects I need to do with some local computer customers and try to clean up at the house. Paperwork and bills, job applications and medical forms, medications and naps, and sometimes I just stare at the walls while Digbee licks my arm.
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