The Towers

The other day I walked into the bathroom to check on things and noticed a froth of white covering the sink. Apparently I neglected to use my can of shaving cream enough and the slow rusting of the can ate through the seam to the point where the foam exploded into the wall and all over the sink. When you don’t really grow facial hair you really have little use for that stuff, I just wish I could have been there to watch the event.

I managed to knock down a couple trees that were bugging me and since then I’ve also figured out how I’m going to get a couple stumps cleaned up as well but I have to wait a little bit to put together the resources to make that happen. It was very relaxing to outside getting the brush cleared and part of that was cleaning up a rose bush in the back yard. I’ve actually got three distinct rose bushes but I don’t know the varieties but the colors are pink (in front of the porch), yellow (in the front yard), and red (in the back yard). Right now the yellow roses are blooming and the other two are budding out and I’m trying to get photos to post later. It’s all very neat since I really don’t care for them like I should.

In a spur of energy I managed to pull the cab from my pickup frame and set it down on some supports to keep it off the ground. Now I can do some more work on the frame itself including removing the rear axle and the brake cylinder. The rear end is from a car and I think I have an original torque tube to replace it with and the brake cylinder can be cored out for a rebuilt one at NAPA of all things. Next step, sand blasting!

My shingles pain continues to bug me but after seeing the doctor I got something to help out. I’ve also been off of my tumor treatment for about a month so far, longer than what my doctor wanted me to be, and my head has cleared up considerably. I no longer feel like I’m in a cloud searching for thoughts but it’s not over because I still have to get blood work done to see what my chemical levels are. Once that’s done, we have to get me on something to keep the tumor at bay but also keep my mind clear and hopefully that can be done.

Well, time to get some sleep and then walk the pooch. More when I can think of something to write.

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