Another Disclaimer

This product may contain live organisms that are dependent on the consumption of perishable goods. Please allow rider to dismount before mounting. Oily discharge is normal. Exposure to full moon on warm summer night may increase chance of alcohol consumption. Wash according to instructions provided or an order may develop. Back door is exit only. This product may come as an individual or in a set of similarly configured products. Do not expose to extreme heat or cold. Latex coverings may be necessary to prevent surface to surface contact. If product becomes damaged or develops an adverse condition, please return product to origination building or similarly configured structure for repair. Product may suddenly stop working if punctured. Limit use of product for personal usage to a minimum as to prevent surface damage.

An emergency alert has been issued for this blog posting. If this had been an actual emergency, certain precautionary measures would have taken place to prevent further problems. This system has been designed to remove any politically incorrect statements and store them in an archival blog for future access once the emergency has passed. Should the English alphabet be replaced due to language conversions, the information will be rendered as images to tell the new language to go screw itself. Please make sure the keyboard is free of any malfunctions before continuing so that this entry may exist peacefully. End of Alert.

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