Pheeling Phucked

I don’t know how to look at this birthday because I’m just not feeling it. Came down with stomach flu on Sunday morning and it involved my chest and back muscles squeezing out the contents of my guts in both directions sometimes at the same time, for six hours. Then when that was over the next couple days included sleeping and sitting on the porcelain throne relieving more liquefied food wastes. It wasn’t until today that it all stopped but wait, it doesn’t end there because I got my friend Angela sick as well and I’m trying to keep her hydrated while avoiding her vomiting otherwise it will be like the Family Guy episode with the Ipecac.

I went to my doctor today to discuss the problem I’ve been having where when I sit in a chair for any length of time I start to lose concentration and focus and have blurry vision but when I stand it goes away. He didn’t know what it was nor could he offer an explanation for it. We’re going to try removing one medication that I know won’t effect it and increase another and they are seeing about getting me a new CPAP system, an Auto CPAP, and in the meantime increase my air pressure. If nothing improves in the trial time of two weeks I’m going to lose it. It’s been so frustrating dealing with this crap and I’m just tired of it.

So, I get home and I walk Digbee and I try to relax but it can’t be that good. Last year I pulled a bunch of Wood Vine from a small bush in the back yard to let it grow better and sure enough when I saw it last week it was clean an lovely. Tonight I saw tracks leading up to it and the whole thing was ripped apart and dead. My neighbor thought it was on his property and he couldn’t stand mowing around it so he had it removed. We talked and we are going to do some measuring to show him exactly where the boundaries are but it sucks. I could have at least moved the bush rather than destroy it. Nothing I can do now. I’m sad and I’m mad and I just …

I’m watching over Angela for a little while as I clean up around the apartment and then I’m going to Willy’s to hang out for the night. Hopefully by tomorrow I can leave her alone for a longer period of time and I can go home and work on the house like I originally planned but as all my plans never work out, even that is expected to fail horribly.

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