Glimmer Effect

In the subdued light of the back room I watch as people flutter about their tables and stools in order to converse with those near them. The air is smoke and breath with a hint of alcohol mingling among the chords of music blasting the walls. A woman sits at the corner of the bar twiddling her thumbs across the black plastic of her phone, oblivious that her back is bare to the world and the view is almost touchable. A tall, slender man comes near me and asks if I want to put money down on a game of pool and I kindly decline. He introduces himself and goes on a banter about his luck, his travels, and the things he would love to do yet before his time ends. Another player sidles up to the table and takes the first shot and the friendly stranger’s attention waivers onto the balls as they cluster in random orders.

I watch all of this with scientific plays into the chaos of the order in the room. I think about setting about to image the room so that true random numbers can be derived for computer simulations and then I see someone standing at the jukebox trying to force a dollar into it. She fights for a moment and then the plastic and glass beast accepts her offering of cash and displays choices for her to select. The slender stranger pulls up behind her and motions a dance with slow humping motion at her backside which she finds most entertaining.

After a moment I wander back to the front of the establishment to see what is being discussed there. My friends have migrated to tables just off of the main bar and were drinking spirits and conversing about drinking and merriment of all things. They wander back and forth among the tables and the bar and I take up conversation, if only a little, with the female next to me and talk of travels recent and clothing attire while I sipped from my never ending soda treat.

As the time wanes and the music runs dry, people are pushed out and friends gather and leave. Soon the barkeepers break down the night and clean up the spoils to make haste for home and take their lives elsewhere. I saunter off to my carriage and start it’s metal heart to guide me back to my place of rest. In another week I will return and in another week I will breathe in the dark world that I claim some inner peace.

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