The Llama is Strong in this One

The Power of  a Third Nipple:

It’s been about three months since the passing of Ed and I figured it was time to see what ripples were still out on the Internet from his presence. The easiest thing to do would be to go to his website and read his quotes and see the pictures there but the website was shut down long ago and everything that was there is in storage at another location. Yes, the works of Ed are still available but currently the process of putting them into a shareable format has not commenced as of yet.

So I started searching some terms I was familiar with and created a list of sites that had information I could share with everyone. Some are short quips on topics familiar to him and others are profiles where he had memberships. I’m sure there is a lot more of what Ed did online but the sites are not searchable and that is why they didn’t come up. Overall I was surprised with what I found and at one point I got really choked up and I’ll explain that one in the results below.

Comments from Leduntitled:

Ed had made some remarks on other sites on varying topics but most of the time it was other pages referring to the website he had. All you can see is the short view of what was said but if you knew Ed you could definitely imagine how the rest of the comment went.

Ed makes a comment about his Jedi Status and the result is linked from this page.

Ed had posted a game to his blog once that was called “Hapland 2” and it was a stick-figure Flash puzzle that I never understood. Here is a comment for an answer.

Someone had to comment on the Sprint Network on Gizmodo and it had to be Ed.

There had to be some reference about Atheism.

Someone posted a link to Leduntitled about a “Toaster” reference.

A reference to an article on PC World.

The result of texting too much.

The Pearl Jam and Photo Complex:

I found comments on Pearl Jam sites from Ed but you needed a membership to really link into them and I’ll let you go on that quest if you so choose. However, there is a small set of photos from him that are scattered around or his family, his website, and of course Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam Discussions

Leduntitled’s Photostream

Led Links

Leduntitled’s DeviantART Profile

His Space

A pregnancy test and Chili … not sure.

The now memorialized Facebook page.

The Voice (I got all choked up when I heard not only his voice again but also because he is making one of his coy comments. 2nd video)

Miscellaneous Caramel:

This is the last of what I found and it includes a game site reference, a blog reference, and his other online memorial. Oh, and his attempt to become a blogger again but with a completely different site. (Less custom coding.)

The House of Deej


A Memorial

Leduntitled : A Warm Breath and A Scream


Physical Manifestations:

Edwin’s home is Sioux Falls and you are welcome to stop by Wild Willy’s Saloon and spend some time with him. The parking meter is there for all and with the proper level of awareness you might even see him there with you, having a drink and watching TV. We’ll all move on but we will never forget.

-Marc Sundermeyer

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