The Order of Things

Welcome to the afterlife. I’m Terrance Smith and I’ll be getting you through orientation and during this process I ask that you hold any questions until I’m done explaining everything.

From the time I was a child I was taught that there was a heaven and a hell and that the good went to heaven and the bad went to hell. Over time I learned that other cultures had their own takes on this spiritual manifestation of a  second life and some souls didn’t go either up or down, right or left, they just stayed on the Earthly plane. Well, in the end some of those ideas were right and some were wrong but now that I’ve crossed from a living person over to a living soul I wish I could write this information down for someone to see.

Nearly 500,000 years ago a group of souls gathered on one spot to sort out the world of the dead and to regulate the paths they took in life to the paths they will take in death. My passing took mere moments but the reviews and sorting processes took over a year to complete which is a really long time on this side because we function two to three times faster than when we were living. It’s a bit of a shock at first but let me try to explain.

You will notice that we are still on Earth but there are more people moving about the area, some standing or sitting while some walking or running. Everyone had a purpose in life and after that you will either continue with that journey or take on new duties depending on your records. In general, we do our part in assisting the living with their lives in various ways unless you have been classified into a lower class where you will be put into service either as a watcher or lower.

Heaven, bliss, paradise, it really does exist but it’s more of a view of your current surroundings rather than a special place. You will meet family and friends and enjoy some comforts of peace and tranquility but you will also be expected to help out and to make sure order is kept. By doing this, your happiness will flow to others and utopia will remain as it is.

On the other hand hell, purgatory, the abyss are just the same in that they are not a special place to go but if you fall into that level of service you may feel that you are indeed in those places. Here we can see, hear, feel, love, hate, smell, grow, and anything else you did before but if you led a negative life those senses and motions will be more like torture. When orientation is over you will all understand this better.

So, for myself I led an average life with family, work, and play being parts of my entire life. In the end I died of a burst blood vessel in my brain. I went through orientation and was assigned to help just passed souls transition to this realm. I do this non-stop for ten years and then I get a two-year break to travel and explore before returning for another ten years and that repeats until the end of everything. It sounds like a long time but it really works out great for me. It’s like heaven for me and in a few hundred years I have the option to get a seat on the council of regulators that make all of this possible.

Now, for those of you that led a poor life but tried to make things better for yourself and your family these terms will be better and you will get more time to explore and be with family and friends both living and passed. You will provide hope and inspiration to those that have suffered like yourselves and you will gain more credits to higher levels of our system.

On the other hand, if you led a parasitic life or destroyed lives to make your own then chances are you will work as reminders. On the living plane you would be known as ghosts, ones who will be annoyed that you are stuck in the places that you once stayed at. Your punishment for your choices will be all about you and although you may be able to interact with your environments, you will not be able to leave. Over time you will earn credits to gain some freedoms but they will never amount to explorations, even after thousands of years.

There are special sanctions given to those with problems caused by the body and the mind, problems that can not be controlled no matter how hard one would try to escape them. Everyone is treated fairly and everyone gets an equal cut of the time they spend here, even the politicians.

This ends my session. Please stop by and visit if you can. To start your review go to the glowing doorway at the top of the stairs.

Have a nice afterlife!

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