Adventures in Sobriety

Since February of 2010 it has been my personal task to be at Wild Willy’s Saloon every Friday night and have at most one alcoholic drink. The plan has been working nicely and for the most part I’ve stuck to my one drink a week mantra. Since it is so rare that I imbibe alcohol, I thought I would share the list of drinks so far as far back as I can remember them.

03/26/2010 – Skyy Vodka (On the Rocks)
03/19/2010 – Crown Royal
03/12/2010 – Grape UV Vodka (On the Rocks)
03/05/2010 – Blackberry Brandy (On the Rocks)
02/26/2010 – Tequilia (Shot)
02/19/2010 – Amaretto Coke
02/12/2010 – White Russian

The White Russian and Amaretto Coke are my staple favorites but after the Blackberry Brandy I think I found a new favorite. If it were not for internal controls, I could definitely drink the night away on just the brandy. My future drinks are already somewhat planned out with either some scotch or a Chuck Norris, depending on the company present on April 2nd. I’m looking to try out a number of new drinks over time and maybe I’ll find one to stick with.

I’ve had a more than what is on this list, mind you. My favorite is a Fuki Plum wine although the most interesting one is warm Sake, it fills your sinuses as you drink it and it has a strangely bread-like after taste.

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