Another Lost Art

Of all the improvements in products and services the one thing that I see everyday getting misused is the plastic shopping bag. I remember a time of brown paper bags that were square bottomed and the true artist was the person at the end of the checkout packing that bag because here was a person that not only put your items away for your trip home but they put them in there so nothing got crushed with the fewest amount of bags to carry.

Nowadays I see people putting as little as two items in a plastic bag, putting a jug of milk (which has it’s own handle) into the plastic bag, and no one thinks this is strange. Well, I think it’s strange. People need to learn how to put more items in the bags and arrange items so that cold stuff is with cold stuff, food with food, and not bag everything that comes across the line.

We worried about the impact of paper use but now there is so much recycled paper, making paper bags shouldn’t be too expensive. Plastic bags are recyclable but for those that don’t, a plastic bag doesn’t rot like a paper bag will. Just my two cents.

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