Inked in Blood

To the President of the United States of America:

I write this letter to you from my blog because I know you will never see it if I were to really mail it to your office. There are a variety of problems with this country that are all very important but I fail to see that anyone is really putting any thought into solving them, just allocating money in the hopes that someone else will use it to fix our ills.

What I will address in this letter is the need for jobs and the workforce we have available, and the need to provide energy for our communities in both a reliable and safe manner for generations to come. What is nice is that these two issues can go hand in hand and you can put money directly into the solution that I am proposing.

Now, before I get into the heart of this idea, I want to stress a point that I’m sure you know about and that is our current workforce not only exceeds the available jobs but if you factor in the number of military personnel that are scheduled to come home from the wars we will be looking at epic unemployment issues. We will need long-term employment opportunities to not only keep unemployment levels low but to also re-energize the economy by giving workers buying power.

Currently our consumption of electrical power is insatiable and meeting the demands of our nation’s thirst for this power during the hottest times can be enormous. Right now we have power plants using energy from the wind, water, and sun but the heavyweights are coal, oil, and nuclear and no matter which way you get that energy there are many people who just don’t want it in their backyard. I propose that we put our resources into another power source that is limitless, will provide countless jobs in many areas, and will not harm the environment or appear as an eyesore on the horizon.

This is Geothermal Energy. This is the energy that Greenland uses for power and by collaborating with them we could build our own stations that would merely heat water into steam and run generators. No need to worry about it running out of fuel and no concerns of harmful waste. Stations built across this country in areas where the Earth’s crust is thin would not only provide us with a new power source and jobs but also would facilitate the process of phasing out less "green" technologies over time. Additionally, more citizens can be trained and employed to work in this industry and continue their employment by helping in the renovation of the nation’s power grid which further helps this country recover and grow.

Now, I’m not going to be able to drop into detailed specifics on this but I wanted to plant the seed of knowledge and see if this is a direction we can go. I want this country to grow and develop without impedance from political snobbery. Please at least give it a try, we have everything to gain if it works.


Marc Sundermeyer

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