Comic Fortitude

I finally got up the mental strength to start getting my comic book collection ready for sale on eBay. After installing the latest version of Turbo Lister I began the process of scanning in the front and back covers of ten books and then entering those ten into the Lister program. I have the next ten all scanned in and I’m waiting for another moment of clarity to start entering them into Lister as well. Maybe tomorrow.

Nothing too special about the collection itself. I would by covers that looked interesting or were 1st issues and I would search through old places for comics that had been forgotten about. My only regret has been not finding the $3.00 to buy the black cover of Venom: Lethal Protector #1 when I saw it in Sioux Falls. The next week or so it was trading for $500.00 a copy and even now a Mint copy is worth $150! Ugh. But my whole collection appears to be like that. If only I had *the other* issue of that series I would really have something.

Still, most of the comics I have priced have at least doubled in value. I don’t have many other things in my possession that I can say the same about, my company stock keeps falling so even that can’t beat the comics! In a month or so I’ll start posting the collection for sale and it will only be chunks of it at a time because I probably won’t be able to afford the total cost of listing fees for a thousand units unless eBay has some special discount day. I don’t expect it all to sell either and I may hang on to a few issues for prosperity as well. Whatever else doesn’t go though I’ll probably donate to a children’s center or something.

After that, well once I get the price guides, I’ll be listing my original Transformers collection and most of my Star Wars stuff. In the end I’ll have a little more room in the house and I may get some more bills paid off.

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