I’m going to say that my blogging ability is a bit scattered to say the very least. I write what I want to, when I want to, on a myriad array of subjects without any real focus and I’m sure that is one reason I do not have any kind of following. It doesn’t really end there either because I have journals partially filled with dealings in my life and I’ve kind of become a collector or empty journals, even getting a journal from a friend after mentioning this fact. Now though, I wonder if I should take all of the journals from online and put them on paper or take the paper ones and put them online.

No matter which direction I do take with these writings I know for one thing that I do enjoy documenting the thoughts that I have because they free me up for other thinking activities. I would say though that my favorite thing is to come up with stories whether I write them down or not. As mentioned in a Facebook posting I found the original file for my book called Elements and read through it once again finding that it was a remarkable work from my point of view. The owner of the only copy has told me that when he shows it to others they are equally impressed. One note about the book itself is that I wasn’t quite stable at the time when I physically put it together as I now realize I was having a panic attack while doing the binding. Still, it goes to show that I am capable of doing many different things.

I’m thinking about putting together another book but this time make several copies, all hand bound, all with metal jackets, all personally signed. The construction of the physical book is actually the easy part and I’m thinking silver this time … coming up with the story and making it long enough, that’s the trick I’ll need to figure out. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

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