Axis of Weevil

My ability to focus has really been nonexistent lately and on top of that the anxiety has been a little touchy. It used to be that I could go a few days without my Paxil without having an attack but lately even if I think about forgetting to take a pill I start to lose the ability to function. So, did some quick research and found that the stuff I take to treat my tumor may be causing this issue. Earlier today I left a message with my Endocrinologist about my situation and he has asked that I stop taking the cabergoline for a week to see if that helps. Anything for a little more stability and concentration while I trying to work would be a great help.

Looks like at the end of February I’ll be going through my regiment of tests to see how the tumor mass is doing. Things start off with drawing blood and then onto an MRI followed by a cardiogram to ensure that the medication has not affected my heart and then to finish things off I will meet with a Neurosurgeon to look at the data and then my Endocrinologist to get the final report on where we are at with things. Aside from the aforementioned problems I have some vision loss when I get a headache so hopefully all of that will be addressed at that time.
In preparation for tax season I’m getting ready to put together totals of the money spent on prescriptions and medical care plus other items to see if I can ilk out as much as I can on this next return. Whatever I do get back will be used to pay on medical bills and stuff with the house so the celebration will be kept to a minimum. I looked at Google’s AdSense program to earn some extra cash on the side but it pretty much requires you to have a site that has some traffic to it and this blog just won’t have that much revenue from the two or three people that read it.
Well, until I get my concentration back to a usable level I’ll just be in vegetable mode but please feel free to write me. Anything goes pretty much … spill your heart out or bitch about something and I’ll see what I can do to bring you back to the plane of insane.
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