Shall I Return the Favor?

Technology has given up on me and I’m wondering if I should return the favor. Well, I should step back and say that Computer Technology, more specifically Laptop Technology has basically driven me to the edge. This morning, just about 20 minutes ago I awoke to the sounds of a fan where the blades were hitting a metal shield and after digging into the system I discovered a major design flaw. On the Dell Inspirion 5150 they placed the hard drive right above the PCMCIA slot and that’s great if there is nothing in the slot but those cards get HOT and that’s not the environment a hard drive should be sitting on and my drive was sitting on the WiFi adapter!

I don’t even know if the system will boot so I can back up the drive to a CD and I’m too scared right now to try it. I need to be sleeping right now. I have another long day at work today and I really don’t need to be worrying about this but damn, why can’t I get a laptop that will last more than six months? Ugh!
So, now I’m going to be part searching of this thing and then who knows what … maybe I’ll get off the Internet.
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