2009 X-Mas Wishlist

Rather than sending out an e-mail with my X-Mas Wishlist on it, I’m going to blog it this year. Feel free to e-Mail me your lists if you like because I know at least one family member has little-ones that need objects of desire to occupy their wants. As for me, I have a really hard time coming up with anything I want because aside from joking about money, fame, and power there isn’t much I’m in need of. I’m pretty low key on wanting anything, I usually just buy what I need when that need arises.
One thing I did ask for I’m negotiating with another party about is acquiring a Nintendo DSi in Black. It’s got online features that I would enjoy and gives me the ability to play with the nieces and nephew in wireless Mario Kart Tournaments.  Tongue out
Other things that anyone else can look into:
  • Gift cards from Menards or Home Depot (home remodeling resources)
  • Cat & Dog Treats (No more Toys please, they have plenty)
  • Books (I enjoy South Dakota history, Victorian Design, Cooking, …)
  • Victorian Era Nick-Nacks, picture frames, etc.
  • Tapestries, Framed Art, etc.
I’m really stretching for things … after "Cat & Dog Treats" I had to really think hard.
Even if ou don’t intend anyone to specifically get you anything, tell me what’s on your wishlist this year?
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