I’m Not Supposed to be Here Today

I had planned to be at the house today to be with Digbee, Cliff, and Babe but here I sit on the futon trying to figure out my current financial strife and trying hard not to swtich to Facebook to play games. (Just really addicted to Cafe World and Castle Age.) Right now I’m opening mail and sorting out the bills from the insurance papers, tossing all the envelopes into a pile to be recycled later. I usually like to be in a relaxed state while doing this because something horrific could be in one of these envelopes and I don’t want it to kill me on the spot … my landlord doesn’t need to find a corpse in her guest room clutching some bill.
People get upset about the high cost of medical charges but in my case I’m concerned about the array of bills I get from seperate departments. Why can’t all the departments report to one account and list their items seperate from the other departments on one statement? I get five different bills from the hospital with five different account numbers. You would think a large organization like that would have some synergy but then again I look at the company I work for and see the clarity of the problem.
Heh, my 401k manager says I’m too agressive in my plan choices and I need to scale back some. I’m earning a 22.7% return on it at this moment so I must actually be doing something right. It’s also ironic that I have such a debt load to deal with but I also am employed to help others get out of their debt situations to pay their bills ontime when I’m stressed to do that very thing. On top of that, I also help cover some people financially to get them to their next paycheck … next step, Pay Day Loan Business that I’ll name "Knee-Breaker Loans & Floral"
In reallity it isn’t all that bad. I’m actually working on getting my debts all cleaned up here in the next couple of months and making sure the student loan debt gets paid off in the next ten years. It sounds like a long time but its at least a better goal than "I don’t know". Hopefully I’ll be down to a point of two reoccuring payments each month and my monthly utilities and then I can put a bunch of money into savings for some bigger purchases I’m planning for. One of which is I want to get a Smart ForTwo Passion and start saving on gas like crazy.
In health news, I’m buring through Vitamin D like crazy. Everytime I get my blood checked after not being on the supplements for awhile my levels of D are non-existent. Right now I’m on another dosage of prescription supplements to bring those levels up and I’ve taken it upon myself to correct the matter so I don’t go through these cycles of high and low levels. The prescription amount is 5000 IU taken once a day for two weeks and then twice a week for twelve weeks but I’ve not added a daily supplement of 1000 IU (the largest I could find over the counter). Now hopefully with the multivitamin I take this should be in check because after the prescription runs out, I’ll be getting a total of 1400 IU of Vitamin D a day in addition to my daily diet.
… time passes …
Well, got all of my billing ready to be paid online tomorrow and finished sorting through my bulk of papers. Looks like I have a couple applications to complete and then need to break down some of the larger bills into some payments for later. Pretty much satisfied with my progress and now it’s time to get some food and head to the house.  Looking forward to some long walks with Digbee and petting the cats plus doing some work on the house. Need to replace the blower motor in the car and then I’ll finish the day with a vegatative stare at my ceiling.
Take Care!
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