“Impending Doom” or “Watch the Tard on that Thing!”

In the Darkness of the Night
I recently travelled to my parent’s place and spent a few days there to work on a small project of my father’s and another project of my own.  One night I stepped out to let the Digbee attend to some of his duties and I happend to look up into a sight I rarely see now. Being that I grew up on a farm far from the glow of city lights I had often looked up and watched the night sky with little thought that I would ever miss it but before me was a great darkness filled with points of light brilliant in spots and soft in clusters large and small. I miss that great expanse of beauty. Even in my new home I can go out and look at the night sky sometimes but it is nothing in comparison to the view I can see from the farm.
The Loss of an Icon
My home town of Andover South Dakota has an iconic building that I have loved over the years but as the town has died so has it’s landmark properties. One such property sits on main street just as you come into the north side of town on a mostly barren landscape. You should really drive out to Andover and see this property and experience the Waldorf Hotel because in it’s decline the back wall has fallen apart and it is quickly headed for a rubble pile. On my last visit I was shocked to see that the south wall was gone and you could see all three floors in the open and the north wall was bending from the lack of support on the other side. This all-brick structure, once my favorite landmark, is going to die and you need to see it before it becomes another ghost of the prairie.
More Loss in My Life
I have continued to stay on my eat-less-walk-more lifestyle and just recently did a bathroom scale check of my progress. It appears that although there remains a great deal of flab around my mid-section, I have managed to lose another 7 to 10 pounds. I’m happy but still I want to see the flab start to dissapear more. I have one hurdle yet to even try to jump and that’s the regular set of sit-up/crunches to turn my one-pack (bubble) into something more even if it would be just a glimmer of two sections on the way to that fabled six-pack (something I’ve never had). I’m sticking with it and this method has been so easy and cheap I can’t understand why people continue to invest time and money into other diets … I need to put a twist on this diet and market it then maybe it would catch on. Anybody do a good Billy Mays impression?
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