Gas Guzzler Irony

Sure you’ve got a car that is using several gallons of fuel a week or better yet a truck that burns twice as much. Myself, I’ve got something that has about 26mpg so that’s not bad considering I want to get a Smart car in my future (36 – 40mpg) and rebuild my pickup to original specs (10pmg or so). But with all the hoopla about saving on gas, what do the big boys burn?
  • A Boeing 747 burns 3,200 gallons of jet fuel an hour and at some figures this is equivalent to 5.5 gallons per mile.
  • The Royal Caribbean MS Freedom of the Seas is the largest cruise ship currently burns diesel at 3,916 gph, top speed 25 mph.
  • A Caterpillar 797B Mining Truck holds 1,800 gallons of fuel with a top speed of 42 mph using 65 gph, at 0.3 mpg.
These things run daily and can run all the time and use millions of gallons of fuel and yet people driving cars get the stick for driving too much or too fast. I’m all for saving the world by using less but come on, build some of the big stuff with better economy as well and then go pick on someone else!
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