The Red Lights

Last night when I was walking to my car I watched as others left the parking lot in a hurried stream like ants running towards distant food with their tails glowing red. Some were headed home, others to unknown destinations, and some like the ants were heading to consume mass quantities but in this case it probably was not food but alcohol.

The sky was clear as the moon hung half-lit against the black velvet night and the air was clean and pure without the bacon smells wafting from the slaughterhouse as most nights have been. It’s another walk I make like every weeknight from the door of the office to the door of the car and it’s a good time to reflect on my world and decide what track to take from there. I pick up the victim that has to carpool with me back to their apartment and try to blank out any real thoughts so my mind can rest, a lie I tell myself because I know my mind never rests.

Rain has been a fear with the roof leaking so much over the years but now I rest a bit easier as it is hitting the panes of the old house. My new metal cover is holding true to it’s design as I stare through the droplets. The place is old and has character on so many different levels and now I see that the old girl is ready for her facelift and in short time a performance for the masses.

Watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a couple of times and it reminds me of a few years of watching someone else I knew. The one thing that I learned from the experiences is that those on the extreme ends of addiction are also the most paranoid people. Addicts and gun owners …

Still can’t focus on anything and it disturbs me so much. Need to work on a couple ideas and get them into a production state. My biggest investment opportunity is myself and if I fail myself then where does that leave me? Right now it leaves me in front of a computer talking about my thoughts and that can’t be too exciting now can it?

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