Moving Forward

Yesterday I went to a local business to have them go to my house and finish off the peak with a poly or rubber seal to keep the look of the house original despite the new modern steel roof. I had talked to one of the employees earlier before I started to remove the old shingles and he quoted me $5.00 a square foot. So when the two gentlemen I was talking to this time were trying to give me a quick final figure, neither could do the math in their heads. One said it was about $300 and the other said no, it’s 5 times 72, and the other guy says “Oh, $400 then.” I just sighed. The cap is 6’ x 6’ so 36 sq ft times 5 is $180 … when the power goes out no one can think for themselves.

I’m really going to be keeping to myself now that I’ve got the roof done. With the mortgage payments, the regular bills, and some medical and old bills now with the bill for the roof, it’s going to be a little tougher for me. But I had to do it because the leaks in the roof were causing damage to the inside of the house and I needed to keep my investment safe. Now that it’s done, I can actually work on remodeling the house on the inside and much of the teardown doesn’t require extra money, just my time and energy.

It’s going to be another long cold winter but hopefully this will be the last one. The room I plan to use as my office I’m going to clean out and gut to the frame. This way I can properly insulate the walls and update the wiring. When that room is finished, then I’ll move my bedroom in there and redo the other room and closet and slowly work my way around the house. I’ll buy supplies as I need them and maybe I’ll make some discoveries just as long there are no huge spider nests or bodies.

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