Recovering My Time

For the past several weeks I’ve been so preoccupied with work on my house that I haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything. My biggest release of mental trash is by writing it down and then refining it so that others can see my thoughts, hear my ideas, and also to free up my mind for less important things like serenity. I’ve spent the last couple of months just going over ideas on personal projects, work projects, and trying to get my house prepped for a new roof covering. It’s because of the new roofing project most of my time to sit down and flush my mind has been put on hold.

The house is a little over 100 years old and I wanted to put on a new roof material as the asphalt shingles were really showing their age. I got the quotes and selected my materials and then started the process of removing the shingles. I went with a metal roof because of it’s clean look and because I never wanted to deal with it again in my lifetime. Usually with a metal roof you don’t need to remove the shingles first but since the house is so old, I wanted to make sure there weren’t any hidden problems that would catch me later and also to cut down on the weight sitting on the house.

For the last two weeks I scraped off the shingles and in doing so I discovered some of the house’s unwritten history. The house originally had a shingled roof of Red Cedar shingles that were removed and replaced with asphalt shingles that were bright green with a wood grain texture. This asphalt shingle was then removed from most of the house and replaced with the now more common gray asphalt shingle. With each material giving 20 – 35 years of life to the roof it was good to see that there were indeed three different applications over the past 100 years. The new metal roof is going to provide at the very least 50 years of life and I get the benefit of a new tax break that goes to those with a cooler surface temperature that makes the attic work better.

So, on Friday the crew came in and finished off the work I couldn’t get to and then they replaced most of the fascia as I had asked for as it was really rotted out in some areas. They laid down a new layer of underlayment (tar paper) and over that a grid of wood strips to attach the metal to. By the end of Saturday they had most of the metal up and also had some of the finish work done but there is still a couple sides to complete. Even when they get done I will still need to finish up the project by priming the new wood and then getting the flat spot on the roof covered with a rubber cap. I’m keeping the flat portion to keep the structure of the house original even though the roof material is an upgrade because sometime down the line I want to put up Victorian cresting to give the house a little flair.

Now comes the fun part, er, not really but I had to get it so now I’ll be paying on it for a couple years. It’s alright though because I’m working with my community resources and by spending local it helps our little economy. At least now I can think and write stuff down to share and hopefully the postings will get back to a regular schedule.

Before …                                                  After!

(Try to look at the roof difference, I know I need to paint the house.)

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