Years ago I had a HotMail account before it was bought up by Microsoft and one day I got blcoked because I had told someone in an e-mail where they needed to go. So I left them behind and became of Yahoo! Mail for years and years. Lately though, Yahoo! has evolved but some of the features I liked either had too much ad clutter using up my screen or not enough exposure to the audiences I wanted to potray to.
After years of being a computer technician I had been exposed to most of Microsoft’s products and a lot of the problems with those products (except BOB, never had to deal with Microsoft BOB). Despite the scketchy information I’ve had some recent interest in returning to Microsoftand their HotMail service but what really kicked me over was integration of services.
The big thing is that Microsoft now offers a lot of things that easily cross reference with each other and I can do many things without bogging my system and it’s connections down when I want to do a variety of tasks. Since I wanted to reorganize my life and make it simple, this was the best choice for me. Although I am still putting data in the right spots, I am a lit more organized than I had been in the last few years. There is a big change in my health too that also prompted this conversion of services and in time I will work to consolidate everything completely. A dangerous statement, but at this stage in my life I really need to cut out the clutter. Besides, I have my backups and my copies in storage so all the eggs are not in one basket.
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